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Biological Sciences

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The examination of biological fluids, skeletal remnants, diatoms, hair, seeds, maggots, vegetable fibers, wood etc. are undertaken by this division. Besides, it also helps out the investigating agencies in crime cases involving rapes and murders on the spot. Further serological examinations such as grouping of blood/semen/saliva and DNA typing in criminal and paternity dispute cases forwarded by Delhi Police as well as from Hon’ble Courts is carried out in this division.
The examination of exhibits in the Biological Sciences Division is broadly categorized as under:

Biology Division

  • Examination of blood stains
  • Examination of seminal and vaginal stains
  • Examination of salivary stains
  • Examination of hair
  • Determination of origin of species
  • Grouping of blood/other body fluids

DNA unit

  • Extraction, amplification and fragment analysis of DNA for personal identification and paternity testing