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Physical Sciences

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This division provides facilities for the examination of a variety of firearms and cartridges to ascertain their make, model, working condition, caliber and to establish a possible link to the firearm and crime, explosive cases and re-construction of scene of crime in important cases in order to help the investigating agencies. Image processing and Pattern recognition unit is going to be started in the near future.

  • Barrel Wash Examination
  • Examination of Firearm(s) or part(s) thereof/manufacturing tool(s)
  • Examination of serviceability/working condition of firearms
  • Examination of firearms, prone to accidental discharge
  • Identification of firearm for type, make and model
  • Examination of firearm, whether its part(s) tempered with
  • Examination of ammunition or parts thereof/manufacturing tools
  • Identification of ammunition/parts thereof for type, make and calibre
  • Identification of bullet/slug/parts thereof
  • Identification of shots and pellets
  • Identification of wad/wad pieces
  • Identification of propellant charge
  • Linkage of fired/misfired cartridge with firearm
  • Linkage of fired bullet/bullet fragments with unrifled firearm
  • Bullet/pellets/wads whether fired or not
  • Examination of target(s) involved in shooting
  • Chemical tests for ammunition and firearm discharge residue
  • Test firing
  • Test specimen


This division provides facilities for the analysis of building materials such as Cement,Sand
Mortar, Plaster, concrete, Bricks, etc. Examination of paint in hit and run cases,road accidents,
identification of wires in theft cases, fibres, clothes, ropes, metals and quantitation, purity percentage of metals involved in criminal cases is also undertaken with the help of sophisticated instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers.
Physics Division (A-V) is undertaking the examination of cases related to Audio, Video tape authentication and Speaker identification.

  • Examination of foot/footwear/tyre marks
  • Examination of tool marks
  • Examination of paint
  • Examination of identification marks
  • Examination of glass fragments
  • Examination of soil samples
  • Examination of cement samples
  • Restoration of erased numbers on vehicles/firearm e.g. chassis number, engine number, registration number, identification numbers.
  • Examination of mortar
  • Examination of concrete
  • Examination of fibre, fabric
  • Examination of broken objects
  • Examination of electrical cables/wires
  • Examination of electric appliance, electric meter
  • Examination of spurious product for infringement
  • Examination of papers
  • Examination of voice for speaker identification
  • Examination of analog/digital images
  • Examination of audio and video recording media for authentication


Facilities for examination of cases relating to Photographs, Evidential Photography of all types of Crime Exhibits and Crime Scenes coverages etc.

    • Preparation of photograph of Exhibits received in the laboratory
    • Photography of scene of crime
    • Examination of photographs as exhibit