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The laboratory provides the service of the scientific laboratory examination of the exhibits of cases to the customers. To assure the quality of the service it operates a quality system appropriate to the range of tests, analyses and allied activities of the service. The laboratory has documented the system and its policies, programmes and procedures in the quality manual and associated manuals/documents/forms etc mentioned in it. The quality manual and other documents are made available for use in the system and managed according to the document control procedure in section of the Quality Manual.
The quality manager of the laboratory has direct access to the chief executive viz. Director of the laboratory. The quality manager is responsible for ensuring implementation and maintenance of the quality system as per the requirements of ISO/ IEC 17025:2005, NABL 113:2008 and NABL 113A:2008. He is also responsible to evaluate the performance of the quality system and present the same to the management review committee


Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi is committed to deliver highest quality forensic reports to assist criminal justice system to enhance public satisfaction and meet their expectations through well defined quality system, world class professionals, state-of-art-technology to conform to the standards of ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, NABL 113:2008

Forensic Science Laboratory is also notified as Examiner of Electronic Evidence under Section 79A of the IT Act, 2000


Deepa Verma, Director

Shri Sri Narain, AD/TM (Chemistry/HOO)

Shri. K.C.Varshney, DD/Quality Manager
Dr. Virendra Singh, AD/TM (Documents/CFU/Finger Print)
Dr. C.P.Singh, AD/TM (Physics)
Dr. Dhruw Sharma, A.D. (Biology)
Shri. S.K. Gupta , A.D. TM (Photo)
Dr. Aruna Mishra, A.D. (Forensic Psychology Division)

Shri. V.R.Anand, AD/Deputy QM-1/TM (Ballistics)
Shri. Parshuram Singh, AD (Physics)/Deputy QM-2
Dr. Kanak Lata Verma, AD (Chemistry), Proficiency Testing Officer
Sh. V.L. Narisimhan, AD(Physics)/Training Manager

Mrs. Kavita Goyal AD. (Chemistry)/Calibration officer