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Documents Division

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This division undertakes examination of various types of questioned document problems in all forensic aspects such as identification of handwriting, type-writing, printed matter, seal and stamp impressions, etc. It also carries out the detection and decipherment of erasures, alterations, over-writings, addition, obliterations, determination of sequence of strokes, age of documents, etc. The documents examined are in the form of Bank Draft, Cheques, Receipt, Will, Affidavit, Bail Bond, Lottery Tickets, Anonymous/ransom letters, Answer Sheets of different examinations, Suicide note, Agreement, Passport, Currency note, Skin tattoo marks, etc. Further faculties for examination of computer crime cases is also carried out in this division.

Documents Division

  • Handwriting/ Signatures Identification, Detection of forgery
  • Examination of alteration in documents i.e. addition, substitution, obliteration, interpolation, overwriting, erasures etc. and their decipherment
  • Examination of typewriting, printed matter, computer printouts, Xerox copies, identification
  • Examination of lottery ticket
  • Examination of counterfeit currency
  • Comparison of paper including stamp paper/ stamps & other security/ legal papers
  • Determination of age of document
  • Examination of stamp impressions and seal comparison
  • Examination of sequence of strokes
  • Examination of credit card, travel documents
  • Examination of indented writings
  • Examination of charred documents
  • Examination of carbon paper, ribbon, stencil.
  • Examination of ink
  • Examination of tricky/built up documents
  • Examination of partially visible /invisible strokes on documents


CFD is undertaking Imaging of various storage devices, Retrieval of Data/Deleted Data from storage devices like Hard Disc, Pen Drive, Memory Card, CD/DVD etc., Extraction of Data, Deleted Data from Mobile Phones and SIM Cards.
The area of expertise of the Documents Division is stated as under:

    • Forensic imaging of various storage media
    • To retrieve data / deleted data from various storage media(Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Memory Card, CD / DVD) and many other storage media.
    • To extract data from mobile phones and SIM cards.