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FSL provides training and forensic awareness workshops/lectures to Judges,Judicial Officers,Officers from the IPS/ DANICS Probationers,, Defence Personnels Scientists and Students in the area of its competence. More than 200 students of M.Sc. forensic science of different Universities such as Amity, Punjab Univ., M.D.U., Rohtak, SHIATS, Allahabad etc have been attached for internship .Scientists of FSL Delhi are invited for lectures and talks at various international and national forums in their area of expertise(Police Training School,NICFS,CRCL,NCB, Amity University, CDTS Ghaziabad and  M.D. U. Rohtak etc) ..It also deputes its own scientists and officers for various courses and programmes in the reputed institutes of the country following the philosophy of continual development of its human resource.

Training Manager- Sh. V.L.Narshimhan, Assistant Director (Physics)


Serial No Name of the Institute Name of the Officer/Official Name of Training/Course Duration
1. National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science
  1.  Dr.Kanak Lata Verma 
  2.  Dr. LingrajSahoo
  3.  Sh. M.L. Meena
Workshop on Calibration 7-Mar/2013- 8/Mar/2013
2. National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science 1. Sh.SanjeevGupta(AD Photo 2. Sh. Naresh Kumar(SSO Biology 3. Ms. Manisha Upadhyaya(SSO Biology) 4. Sh. S.S Badwal(SSO Physics) 3rd course on Investigation of Road Accidents 8/04/13-12/04/13
3. DFS, Gujrat, Gandhinaga 1. Dr. C.P. Singh (AD Physics) Workshop on 3D Imaging of crime scene 4/04/13-05/04/13
4. National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science 1. Ms. Poonam Sharma (SSO Biology) 2. V.Shankarnarayan (SSO Biology) 3. Ms. Anita Chhari       (SSO Biology) 4. Ms. Babyto Devi (SSO Biology) Course on advancing justice through DNA Technology  30/04/13 – 02/05/13
5. National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science 1. Sh. Alok Mehta (SSA Documents)  Course on Digital Evidence  23/4/13 – 26/4/13
6. National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science 1. Sh. Avdesh Kumar (SSA Documents) 2. Sh. Prempal (SSA Chemistry) 3. Sh. N.K. Joshi (SSA Chemistry) 4. Sh. Aman Kumar Yadav (SSO Lie-Detection) 5. Ms. Asha Pahwa (SSO Lie-Detection) Course on Expert Listening in Criminal Trial  6/5/13 – 10/5/13
7. Delhi Judicial Academy (DJA), High Court, Delhi   1. Sh. A.K. Srivastava(DD/FSL) 2. Dr. C.P. Singh (AD Physics) Session on Forensic Evidence  23/3/13
8. National Productivity Council Jaiselmer 1. Dr. Madhulika Sharma(DD/FSL) Training on Managerial effectiveness focus: Team Building and Leadership  9/7/13 – 13/7/13
9. Hilton Eros, Delhi 1. Dr. Virendra Saini (AD Documents) 2. Dr. N.P. Waghmare ( AD Ballistics)  Training on First Mobile Forensic User Forum  27/5/13
10. National Crime Record Bureau, Delhi 1. Sh. S.P. Singh (SSO Fingerprint) Course on Advanced Fingerprint Science 24/6/13 – 28/6/13
11. FICCI, Quality Forum, Delhi 1. Ms. Kavita Goyal (SSO Chemistry) 2. Dr. Sandeep Maurya (SSA Physics) Training on Estimation on Measuring Uncertainity in Test and Calibration Result  6/8/13 – 8/8/13
12. CFSL, CBI  1. Sh. Ateet Pal  (SA Lie- Detection)  Forensic Psychological Assessment  One Month
13. NIC, Delhi Secretariat 1. Dr. Kanak Lata Verma 2. Dr. Himakshi Bhardwaj

3. Ms. Suman Gupta

4. Sh. Varun Goyal

Training on e-tendering system  9/9/13 – 13/9/13